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Construction Services 

Site Clearing & Land Management

The pride of MSC. Whether your project requires mass land clearing, or surgical tree removal, MSC has a clearing solution designed to meet your needs. MSC also provides forest management services, from fire breaks to selective clearing, keeping our forests greener, safer, and here for longer.

Underground Utilities &
Storm Drainage

MSC is a fully licensed underground utility contractor. By performing underground utility and storm installation services in house, our clients save money and save time. Another benefit to our clients is that of only dealing with one contractor to handle all the phases of site development, including underground utilities and storm systems.

Concrete & Curbing

We have all walked on a sidewalk, we have all seen curbing, but we never think much about either. MSC has partnered with excellent providers to insure that these surfaces and boundaries are installed in a professional manner at a low cost, and within the time constraints of a busy job site.

Striping, Signage & Sealcoating

A good paving job is only as good as the finishing touch - the striping and signage. Our striping and signage providers are the best in the business! Bright parking lines, proper ADA compliance, and straight-forward directional markings are only a few ingredients in the successful application of this extremely important service. Seal coating asphalt paving has rejuvenated the appearance of the asphalt, as well as protect the surface for years to come.

Fill Material Supply & Earthwork

Not only do we supply various types and grades of fill material for your job, when it comes to placing this material, our company also utilizes the latest equipment technology to accurately and electronically map a site in 3 dimensions, so each cut into the earth is guided with GPS precision.

Aggregate Supply & Placement

Our company is also a supplier of aggregate materials such as lime rock, crushed granite, crush-crete, and many others. We secure the highest quality aggregates for our customers and deliver them anywhere in the greater Jacksonville area. We can also place these materials on your site in a fast, affordable, and precise manner.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is everywhere! From private drives to large industrial parking facilities, Marietta Sand Corporation works with the industry leaders to insure your paving project stays within budget and that quality results are delivered the first time...every time!

Erosion Control Services

From floating turbidity barriers, to silt fence, to storm system protection, to pond liners and geogrid materials, to sodding and seeding & mulching, MSC offers a full range of erosion control services to keep each of our projects legal, and in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Landfill Capping

MSC has experience with land fill capping in the Jacksonville area. MSC is a proud JEA certified contractor that has what it takes to cap a landfill when it has served its useful purpose, and must be retired in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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