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Preconstruction Services 

Consultation Services

When you decide to undertake a project, regardless of size or scope, it is imperative your firm consults with experts in the development process. 


The consultative services offered by MSC are personally tailored to your specific project.


Our team of dedicated and experienced personnel can walk you through the site construction process, and even work closely with your civil engineers, or offer recommendations as to which civil engineers on our team would be best suited for your project.


Whether a project is large or small, having help from the beginning from MSC will get your job started off right.

Project Evaluation

The evaluation process is an essential step in ensuring your project is started and stays on the right track. After the initial concept is delivered to MSC, we will carefully evaluate the concept and make recommendations, based on our experience, that will help your project be successful.


Our team works closely with all our prospective customers every step of the way. From walking the job site with you to a one-on-one sit down, our hands on approach will keep your project in budget and on time.

Project Budgeting

One of the final steps in our Preconstruction Services lineup is that of budgeting.


Whether you present MSC with a set of plans, or ask us to draft preliminary concepts for you, we will work diligently to implement all the cost and time-saving strategies we discussed early on in our process.


When MSC budgets a project, based on the information given, we treat your project as if it will be started within a week. This means the budget we give you should cover the cost of your project very closely.


We never make generalizations; we budget each job specific to its requirements.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is one of the most important preconstruction services that Marietta Sand Corporation provides.


Our estimating and project management team carefully evaluates every plan brought to us in order to find ways to save money, time and increase efficiency.


In many cases, our strong relationships with subcontractors and vendors afford us a unique opportunity to provide alternatives that will save your business money and give you an edge on the competition.


With our years of experience, advanced technology, and reputation for innovation, we work tirelessly to save the project budget money while maintaining the highest standards.

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