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A Firm Foundation

Marietta Sand Corporation was founded on honesty, integrity, and superior customer service. These three pillars of business have guided our company through thick and thin since 1975. Since that time, our nation has experienced prosperous times, and slow times...and MSC has remained a constant in our industry. 


By sticking with our principles, we have developed a loyal customer base, relationships that are steady, yet never taken for granted.


The business philosophy of MSC is simple: provide outstanding services to our customers and to make their experience with our company one they will long to return to in the future.


Smart business comes from a firm foundation.


MSC's commitment to high technological standards is unrivaled by any of our competitors in our service area. Our estimating team utilizes the latest estimating and project management software available to insure that your project is bid appropriately with a drastically reduced margin for error.


Gone are the days when a change can't be made, estimated, and approved in fewer than several days. Harnessing the power of mobile technology allows MSC to adapt to changes on every job site with ease and efficiency.


We also employ state-of-the art GPS technologies for our field surveying and earth moving operations. This technology allows us to be extremely accurate in our earth work, saving time and money.

Financial Stability

Marietta Sand Corporation has access to a full line of bonding, including Payment & Performance Bonds and Bid Bonds for virtually any construction project. 


We pride ourselves in always holding maximum liability and equipment insurance, that way our customers can rest easy knowing that if the unthinkable happens, they will be covered. Marietta Sand Corporation also has the capacity to obtain job specific insurance as needed.


Marietta Sand Corporation has the financial strength needed to carry out even the most demanding of projects. Year over year, MSC operations increase, thereby strengthening our standing in the industry even more. After forty years of business, MSC is here to stay and ready to work for you.


A firm foundation and the latest technology are only 2 ingredients required for success. The most important element in our equation is people.


The MSC team is comprised of highly skilled and motivated individuals who see themselves as stakeholders, not only in our company, but also in our region's construction industry.


Our people are constantly trained in the areas of safety, efficiency and technology so we can all better serve our clients.


We'd enjoy the opportunity to speak with you more about our people, or any other area of our company. Please check out our contact page for more information.

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